PsyD Degrees

Psychologists help patients with mental health issues by observing and interpreting human behavior through counseling sessions or group therapy. Psychologists who receive their Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) degree can specialize in different areas of the industry, such as clinical psychology and developmental psychology. Psychologists can be employed in universities, healthcare facilities, schools, government agencies and private industries.

The PsyD degree is a doctoral degree that usually takes about five to six years to complete and can be earned through universities or state colleges. Course topics include family therapy techniques, psychopharmacology, clinical psychology techniques, ethical issues and patient care assessments. During the PsyD degree program, students are required to complete their dissertation utilizing specific research methods, clinical work and computer-based studies. Toward the end of the degree program, students are required to complete an internship under the supervision of a licensed psychologist.

PYSD Schools

Most PYSD schools require students to already have a bachelor’s degree in psychology before applying to graduate school. Other PYSD schools only require introductory coursework in psychology along with additional courses in science, math, and the social sciences.

Once accepted into graduate school, students have the option of taking some of the courses or the entire program either on campus or over the Internet. If taken over the Internet, students would be required to log on at least once a week to the college’s website and complete assignments, ask questions or chat with fellow students.

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